Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe
In 2008, the second generation 7 Seater Hyundai Santa Fe, was awarded the 2008 Consumer Reports (top pick) and ranked among the top ten automobiles for 2008 as unveiled in the magazine’s issue. The annual magazine’s ratings, based on numerous road tests undertaken and predicted safety and reliability, are considered highly as influential factors among consumers.In 2012, the latest and more modern third Generation 7 Seater Hyundai Santa Fe became available in the market in two versions namely; the regular and extended versions. Starting with the (5seater) Sport in September 2012 and the extended long wheel base model which is expected to replace the Veracruz, available at showrooms in the year of 2013.


The latest and all new 7 Seater Hyundai Santa Fe is built and designed purposely to meet the requirements of a modern day families. Whether the task at hand is simply doing the shopping, taking your kids to school, engaging in weekend sporting activities or headed to a family adventure, the 7 Seater Hyundai Santa Fe offers the space, convenience, functionality and comfort to make the journey fun and with minimal stress. There is enough and ample shoulder and legroom for at least five adults in the first and second seats rows, while the extra third row increases the occupant capacity to seven.Also there is abundant space to store all the things you need, whatever your purpose is or destination is, including a sizable cargo area with under-floor storage. Versatility and flexibility are maximized with the rear seats that could be split to the ratio of 40:20:40. This makes it easy for one to carry long or stretched items like golf clubs, skis or surfboards, and when you happen to require more room, one can fold down the rear seats hence create an almost cavernous space which maximizes the carry capacity.

Hyundai Santa Fe interior seating

Engine,Gas Mileage,MPG

The 2013 7 Seater Hyundai Santa Fe Sport model arrived with an all four-cylinder engine lineup. The SUV has a a 2.4 L or 2400cc standard engine which produces up to 190 horsepower (142 kW). Front-wheel drive is standard, with Hyundai’s Torque Vectoring Cornering Control feature for upgraded drive performance. Both the petrol and diesel engines shift through a six-speed automatic transmission that’s already found in the Azera, delivering up to 33 mpg, for the naturally aspirated model and 31 mpg for the Santa Fe Sport 2.0T model. Delivering 290 horsepower, this performance hasn’t been beaten by the same-class vehicle so far.

Petrol engine.
The EPA hasn’t yet rated the V6 engine of the three-row 7 Seater Hyundai Santa Fe, but the Santa Fe Sport normally gets up to a maximum of 22 – 33 mpg city/highway. The Santa Fe stands out with standard average safety scores for vehicles of its class.The Theta II GDi 2.4 l four-cylinder engine utilizes a system whereby fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber by a high-pressure fuel pump. Applying a higher compression ratio, the system increases the results and fuel efficiency while reducing large fuel consumption.

Diesel Engine
Its available across all variants, the R2.2 CRDi Diesel engine produces more power and torque, making it an outstanding choice for off-road driving, or towing a boat or caravan. It is fitted with a (VGT) Variable Geometry Turbo, which compresses the engine’s air intake to improve its output and torque as well, and third-generation common-rail injectors that can deliver fuel at 1800 bar having an unprecedented degree of accuracy and control. It is equipped with a highly efficient gas recirculation system which considerably reduces the 7 Seater Hyundai Santa Fe CO2 emissions making it environmental friendly.

Hyundai Santa Fe


The 7 Seater Hyundai Santa Fe features both the slick 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic, achieve greater fuel efficiency providing increased driving pleasure.The automatic transmission provides smooth shifts, while the inclusion of an electronic manual mode enables a more involving driving experience. So far, automobile reviewers have had only the chance to test the Santa Fe Sport with its turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Most of then are impressed with the smoothness and also the acceleration as well as how minimal of turbo lag they experience. However, a few mention that the power delivery isn’t as linear as they would love it to be.

The EPA hasn’t yet rated the V6 engine of the 7 Seater Hyundai Santa Fe, but the Santa Fe Sport normally gets up to a maximum of 22 – 33 mpg city/highway. The Santa Fe stands out with standard average safety scores for vehicles of its class.

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