Even though the 7 seater BMW X5 has never been labeled an SUV, this German Crossover Utility Vehicle has proven to more than capable of performing as excellently off-road as it does on paved roads. The 2013 model of the X5 includes several updates, including a new exterior trim package, with the Platinum Bronze metallic color replaced with a new Orion Silver trim and lesser price than its previous model.


The exterior of the X5 has aggressive looking front-end with chunky and tall proportions that give it a generically masculine appearance. However, that look is slightly softened by the fine details and smooth lines. In fact, the X5 showcases a pleasing harmony as far as its shape is concerned. Like its predecessor, the 2013 BMW X5 offers carlike handling, luxury, space, and style.


2014-BMW-X5-white-frontThe latest 7 seater BMW X5 has a 4.4-liter, 555 HP, V-8 twin turbo engine, which puts it at the top of the list of X5 models. Perhaps this is why riding in the X5 on the road feels more like a car and it performs brilliantly. In fact, while riding in this latest X5 it is easy, it is easy to forget that this vehicle is a 4 x 4. It is also equipped with an Adaptive Drive set-up that the vehicle makes more stable turns around corners. The 7 seater bmw X5 may not be the perfect vehicle to go off-road, but it can still perform in gravel, inclines, mud, and snow, as long as it is driven properly.

Along with high-powered engine, the 7 seater BMW X5 also has an automatic six-speed transmission and the cabin is insulated, so it is a calm and quite vehicle to ride in. The X5, like its predecessors, is also equipped with a wide range of options packages and additional items. The driver’s seat is power-adjustable in ten different ways, while the rear seats are fold and can be reconfigured. The power steering is speed-sensitive and this 4 x 4 is also equipped with dynamic cruise control. The trims in the interior have also be upgraded to include materials such as leather, metal, and wood. The interior also sports a heads-up display (HUD) as well and a lot more.


BMW-X5-Interior-dashThe 2013 BMW X5 is a good looking 4 x 4 vehicle with a comfortable interior, and it actually drives more like a car than a 4 x 4 or an SUV. The performance of the X5 is comparable to that of a sports car.

The third-row of seats in the X5 is a bit cramped and its price like the previous models may be considered a bit expensive.


The latest BMW X5 is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to drive a 4 x 4 on the road and feel like they are actually driving a car. Those who are fond of off-road driving might not find the X5 as impressive as other SUVs. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that despite being slightly costly, the 2013 BMW X5 is an impressive 4 x 4 for the road.